Best Home Elliptical Machines – Reviews & Buyers Guide 2017 – 2018

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JTX Tri-FiT 19 workout options – 17-kilo flywheel weight – electromagnet resistance – large colour display High end Check Price Now!

JTX Strider X7 16 workout programmes – 12.5kg flywheel – touch screen – pulse belt for heart rate Mid range Check Price Now!

Sportstech CX610 18kg flywheel – 12 pre-programmed workouts – bluetooth app connectivity Mid range Check Price Now!

Body Sculpture BE- 6720G 8kg flywheel – 22 pre-set workout programmes – 5-year warranty – hand pulse sensors Affordable Check Price Now!

Reebok ZR8 LCD Console – 12 preset workouts – 9kg flywheel – 32 levels of resistance Mid range Check Price Now!

Cross Trainer Reviews 2017 – 2018

Cross trainers are becoming something of an essential when at the gym because they not only burn calories, lose fat ad tone up they do this without undue stress on the joints and bones. They are if you like a healthier alternative to the treadmill. Some people simply cant find the time to get to the gym these days so having a piece of gym equipment at home is a welcome solution to the problem of wanting a social life and still finding time to work out.

Below are five of the best cross trainers suitable for home use:

JTX Tri-FiT Review – Number 1

The JTX Tri Fit (lowest price here!) is a fantastic option if you are looking for a hardy cross trainer. The JTX is easy to assemble and is as good a quality as anything available in the gym. The machine has the ability to store up to five people in the machine so the whole family can use it to train.

JTX Tri-FiT ReviewThis cross trainer comes with nineteen workout programmes to suit any workout giving you a variety in what you can do. This comes with adjustable stride lengths with five different options. There are also four incline options, which allows you to focus the workout on different muscles groups. This trainer is fitted with a colour LCD screen, a console is important to a lot of people who train at home, so this screen is a welcome addition to an already highly satisfactory cross trainer.

This JTX has a heart rate chest strap and this is connected to heart rate programmes, which will give you feedback on your performance, which will lead to a better fitness outcome. This is important if you are using the cross trainer not necessarily to lose weight but to improve general health and stamina.

The flywheel is 17 kilos, which is the optimum weight for a wheel as the heavier the wheel the smoother the stride. This cross trainer is also fitted with electromagnetic resistance, which is the most effective kind. The computer board tells the motors when to move the magnets and the magnets then create the desired resistance.

  • 17-kilo flywheel for a smooth stride
  • Heart rate monitor and heart rate programme software
  • Variable stride system
  • Electromagnet resistance
  • Large colour display
  • 19 workout programmes for a flexible long term work out

This is a sturdy and reliable piece of kit if you are looking for something similar to a piece of gym equipment. It’s got a space saving patent making it smaller in size to its competitors by 30% without losing any functionality. With an optimum flywheel weight, you get a smooth, consistent stride. This particular cross trainer can take a maximum weight of 135kg.


Features: 19 workout options – 17-kilo flywheel weight – electromagnet resistance – large colour display

Price: High end

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JTX Strider-X7 Review – Number 2

jtx-strider-x7-magnetic-cross-trainerAnother JTX cross-trainer on offer but this one comes in slightly cheaper with slightly different features. This Strider x7 comes with sixteen different workout programmes giving you a huge variety of the types of workout you undertake. One of these programmes is a heart rate monitor as well as hill climbing and fat burning. This machine is fitted with a really smart programme that monitors your heart rate during your workout, if your workout is going well, the software adjusts your workout to push you a little harder, or vice versa, if you are struggling, the programme changes it to make it a little easier.

The machine itself is easy to put together, and very helpfully comes with a screwdriver and spanner to help you affix the machine.

The Flywheel weighs 12.5kg giving you a quiet and smooth stride and take a maximum user weight of 110kg (17st 4lb). It has a lovely big, touchscreen colour display, which displays speed, time, distance, calories and your overall programme performance. The machine is fitted with 16 training programmes, and you can design and save up to four workout programmes .

Design and usability were at the forefront when this machine was made, as it comes with a belt that you wear around your chest to monitor your pulse because let’s face it, it’s just not always practical to hold onto the metallic sensors on the handles. It’s often that when your hands get sweaty, it makes it difficult for the machine to read your pulse, so the strap is a lot more practical. It has an ergonomic design to reduce the impact on joints and bones.

This JTX Strider X7 comes fitted with electromagnetic resistance, which is the most effective kind. The computer board tells the motors when to move the magnets and the magnets then create the desired resistance. This makes resistance easier to adjust than manual.

  • 16 workout programmes
  • Heart rate monitor programme that automatically adjusts your workout
  • Adjustable floor pads for uneven surfaces
  • Heart rate strap in addition to heart rate sensors
  • 2-year in-home repair warranty
  • Flywheel weighing 12.5kg
  • Touch screen display

This cross trainer is an excellent home gym piece of equipment and a great piece of kit if you are looking to work out from the comfort of your own home on a regular basis.


Features: 16 workout programmes – 12.5kg flywheel – touch screen – pulse belt for heart rate

Price: Mid range

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Sportstech CX610 Review – Number 3

The Sportstech cross trainer comes with a smartphone app control, which makes it the highest tech of the bunch. It comes with Bluetooth and built-in google street view to allow you to imagine you are exercising in the great outdoors. The tablet holder holds your tablet and iPad really tight even when you are pushing yourself hard.

This trainer comes with twelve pre-programmed workouts to suit any ability. It also has the additional feature of a water bottle holder, which is just a great little freebie. It also feels really secure, so when you are really going for a good work out, the holder feels safe and it’s not going to fall off. This is important because you want the cross trainer to feel like it’s going to last the test of time. The trainer comes with an 18kg flywheel, which ensures a really smooth quiet stride. This is great as a lightweight flywheel can make the cross trainer feel unstable, but this one is a great weight and secure. There is also a heart rate training programme with a strap, which makes monitoring your heart rate and fitness a lot easier.

sportstech-cx610-professional-crosstrainerThe Sportstech CX610 offers 32 resistance levels and is fitted with electromagnetic resistance, which is the most effective kind. The computer board tells the motors when to move the magnets and the magnets then create the desired resistance. This makes resistance easier to adjust than manual. You really can feel the power of the flywheel when you crank up the resistance.

The trainer has a maximum user capacity of 120kg, which is pretty standard for home gym equipment. This is a great piece of kit, it comes with all the modern features but at a fraction of the cost as some of the bigger brands. This is a German brand and so you can trust it’s efficient and well made.

  • 18kg flywheel
  • App compatible
  • 32 levels of resistance
  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • Free water bottle holder
  • Heart rate training programme with chest strap

This machine is a great option for someone looking for a small, compact cross trainer to work at home. It is programmed with a large selection of programs including 12 pre-programmed, cardio training, watt training and a manual mode in case you want to go off the grid and just have a quick workout.


Features: 18kg flywheel – 12 pre-programmed workouts – bluetooth app connectivity

Price: Mid-Range

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Body Sculpture BE-6720G Review – Number 4

body-sculpture-be-6720g-elliptical-trainerThis Body Sculpture is a great choice if money and space are of the essence. It comes with an 8kg flywheel and despite its lightweight, it does offer a solid stride. For the price, this is a great piece of home gym equipment. It comes with a really varied list of settings: 1 manual, 4 heart rate controls, 13 pre-set programmes and the ability to store 4 user settings. This is great if more than one of you is intending to use the machine frequently.

It comes fitted with electromagnetic resistance, which makes it easier to adjust and quieter when in use. This type of resistance is a lot more common in modern cross trainers and as such, it should be a given in any cross trainer purchase you make.

Hand pulse sensors come as standard to monitor your heart rate throughout the workout and can provide useful data, but disappointingly this cross trainer does not come with a pulse belt monitor.

  • 8kg flywheel
  • 5-year warranty
  • 22 workout programmes
  • 4 user profiles available
  • hand pulse sensors
  • electromagnetic resistance

This cross trainer despite having a light flywheel is a great contender if you are after some home gym equipment that is fit for purpose. Despite its pretty basic features, its study and durable and doesn’t feel like it will collapse if you are really pushing yourself during a workout.


Features: 8kg flywheel – 22 pre-set workout programmes – 5-year warranty – hand pulse sensors

Price: Affordable

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Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Review – Number 5

It’s common to want a pick a well-known brand when making a significant purchase like a cross trainer and there isn’t a much bigger brand than Reebok.

reebok-zr8-cross-trainerWhen you undertake a machine based workout (as opposed to a class or outdoor run) you want to be as comfortable as possible but also have the correct posture. The Reebok ZR8 comes with adjustable foot plates to ensure you do not cause any muscle damage.

You can control the 32 level resistance with the comfort of the LCD console which displays speed, time, distance, calories and your pulse all on one screen which is a hell of a lot more convenient than having the screen change. A common complaint amongst gym goers.

The Reebok comes with 12 pre-set workout programmes and a whopping 19 user programmes. It doesn’t come with the sturdiest of flywheels, this one weighs just 9kg but surprisingly it feels sturdy and safe whilst you are working out.

It comes with 32 levels of resistance, which are controlled electromagnetically meaning you can adjust smoothly and easily.

  • 32 levels of resistance
  • 9kg flywheel
  • 12 pre-set workout programmes
  • LCD console
  • Adjustable foot plates

Often big branded gym equipment falls short of its promises, but not this one. Despite having a light flywheel, and not as many features as the more expensive cross trainer, this ZR8 is the perfect piece of kit for someone looking for a compact yet efficient cross trainer.


Features: LCD Console – 12 preset workouts – 9kg flywheel – 32 levels of resistance

Price: Mid-Range

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All of the above cross trainers would be a great investment for any gym bunny looking to work out at home. However, the Sportstech comes in at the top with its state of the art technology and solid structure and standard flywheel weight. It is in the mid-range price bracket but it has so many great additional features such as the

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Cross Trainer Buyers Guide

We all live busy lives and it can be difficult to find enough time to undertake a decent workout in the gym. We often need a quick fix to ensure that we are exercising but it’s not eating into our family/friends/social time which let’s be honest is equally as important. The cross trainer is your quick fix.

A cross trainer is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their general fitness. If you are looking to burn calories then a cross fit trainer is a lot more effective than a treadmill. This is also a great choice as it decreases the risk of an impact injury as it reduces excessive pressure on the joints.

This kind of machine works all of your body, toning upper and lower body at the same time as you twist and flex. Cross trainers offer a full body workout and to improve general fitness should be used a few times a week.

There are a few things to consider when buying a cross trainer:



Most cross trainers will come with a warranty that ranges between 1-3 years, which should include parts and labour warranty. Some cross trainers from big fitness brands will come with a lifetime warranty.


Cross trainers are very compact and probably take up less space than you’d think, but still bear in mind you have enough space to store and enough space to use it.


Different users of the cross trainer will have different requirements. A tall user will need a longer stride area, a heavy user should check the weight restrictions.


You can control resistance on a cross trainer in two ways, either manually or electronically. The lower the resistance, the easier the stride is and therefore the higher the resistance, the more difficult the stride is. The more levels of resistance available on your cross trainer, the more variety of a workout you will have. With a variety of resistance you can more options when it comes to your workout. You could have resistance on low but do a high-speed workout. You could also set the resistance to high and have a low speed to increase your heart rate and improve muscle tone in the lower parts of your body.


Almost all cross trainers do come with preset workout programmes which are great because they can keep you motivated to continue training. If you sometimes get bored with exercise it would be a good idea to buy a cross trainer that comes with programmes. It will help you to enjoy your workout and therefore you motivation increases. As well as motivation, the preset programmes offer up feedback once the workout is completed. Which is great to monitor your progress over a certain amount of time.

Brake, resistance and Fly Wheel

The features of the flywheel are probably the most important things to think about when you are looking to buy a cross trainer. When you are shopping around for a cross trainer look for eddy current brake systems which use magnets to create the resistance during a workout. The electronic magnets are the most common and offer a really smooth brake/resistance system. This system is in three parts- the servo motor, the magnets and a computer board. The servo motor will move the magnets, the magnets create the resistance and the computer board tells the motors when to move the magnets, it’s all fairly simple. It’s a lot easier to adjust the resistance on an electromagnetic brake system. The weight of the flywheel is also something to consider, the heavier the flywheel (optimum is 17 kilos) the smoother your stride will be. It’s important to ask the weight of the flywheel as it’s not always advertised.


This is a matter of personal preference. If you are looking for something that is compatible with Apple/Android then you are likely going to be paying for this additional feature and they tend to only come on fairly elite cross trainers. There are some normal trainers that do have speakers fitted and can be used with your android or apple phone. Most also come with an LCD screen and come with backlights enabling you to use the machine in a dimly lit room. You can also get extra features on the more expensive cross trainers such as cup holders, reading rack, some even come with a built-in fan.

Keep the above points in mind when you are looking to make your first home cross trainer to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.